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Friday, February 13, 2004
Critical Update

Anyways The most dreaded day is tomorrow V-day (*groans in disgust*) Why am I putting it this way? Well first of all my girl is all the way in Detroit and she'll be goin home. I'll be stuck on campus THREE hours away from her and I have no car *sniff sniff* I miss her so much. And even worse is that the Freshmen class are having a Valentine's Day Reception (wit. Karaoke, Freestyle, performances and some dancing.) I don't wanna go since I'll be going solo, but I am a student rep. for the freshmen class so I have to help out. My friend who is also a rep wants me to help him take pix of couples and put it all on a PPT (Power Point Presentation). Grrrrr I have to take pics of couples since I won't have a date. oh well hopefully I get my 25% discount to go. Because $10 is still too much for what it includes. Valentine's Day disgusts me that and sweetheart's day (Oct. 16) errr.  " Valentine's Day is a day when a man can redeem himself for all the past mistakes he's done, Otherwise Valentine's Day is a big hole in a man's wallet, pocket, or bank account." - Me.  

Posted at 01:53 am by Flykrn2k7
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Tuesday, December 09, 2003
Finals Week Dec. 8 - 11

FUCK FINALS WEEK. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Finals 2003: Judgement Day Has Arrived

Posted at 08:45 am by Flykrn2k7
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Wednesday, December 03, 2003
Frickin A

I'm signin in again, Damn finals next week and another midterm(late) tomorrow. So damn stressed now, I got into a argument almost a fight with my mom. Now I'm really not sure whether to go home or not. But then if I didn't go home where would I go? Also I'm fricking broke. I need a job but they are already filled up for next semester. WTF happend to my name on the waiting list? lousy ass ppl can't even keep their "promises." So I'm poor, unemployed, and I still didn't register for next semester b/c a certain someone didn't fucking turn in his grade. So I lost most of my generals so I need to find shitty classes to get a minimum of 12 credits. This also means Imma be stuck on this piece of shit for an extra year. I hate this, I hate life. Damn I need a *smoke* right now and a vacation.

*Not literally just something to relieve a stress

Posted at 02:42 pm by Flykrn2k7
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Monday, December 01, 2003
Chicago P. II


I'm back at school. I hate it too much stress b/c I have finals next week so from this point until Break I have no social life only friends will be the books. anyways Chicago was awesome. Friday night I went to see Master and Chief Commander of the Far Seas. it was a pretty good movie. then on Saturday I went to Chicago Unity Church and then after that we did a service outreach, we went to a different part of Chicago and we gave food, drink, books, and clothing. To the homeless/ financially challenged ppl. I felt really bad and I wish we could have done something more it was overall cool  literally. The winds were howling like heck and some of our stuff got blown away. I thought it was a blessing that we were able to do something for them and I realized what i took for granted. After the outreach I went to the church's gym night, but my friend wanted some bubble tea but since we couldn't find it where we were located she drove to the mall and we got a smoothie. After gym night she wanted me to drive her home in her car, but I knew that wouldn't be a good idea for my friend. So we went to get Bubble Tea I got Milk Tea it wasn't really good. then went to Margies' Chocolate Cafe. then we(a group of Andrews students were with us) just left there and then went to White Castle and just ate over there, the hamburgers almost made me sick. then we all went to a friend's house and played cards until 4:00am Central. Didn't wake up until 1:30pm central. Then my friend and I just went to K town, and also we ate supper at a Viet resturant. and ordered bubble tea again It was mmm mmm good. I got Jackfruit Bubble Tea that time. Then we drove to Chicago's Downtown and he showed me some sites, b4 heading headin back for Andrews. I stayed up until 5:00am Eastern time in the dorm room for no apparent reason and I woke up at 11:30am this morning. Anyways I'm tired from that so I'm going to head to bed. Peace

Posted at 02:44 pm by Flykrn2k7
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Friday, November 28, 2003
Chicago p. I

Ayo,  sup

Anyways I'm still in Chicago still at my friend's place, so far everything is aight. Tuesday I met some of his friends and we went to ESykape it's like a Gillian's in Philly. It has bowling, batting cages, arcade and laser tag. We went bowling Tuesday night it was aight I won 2 dollars lol and I got a chane to talk with my g/f and I stayed up with her until she fell asleep. muahz I love you babygirl. Wednesday night I went and got a haircut but I wouldn't go there again b/c they really didn't do it the way I wanted and it cost $20. then after that we got pizza for dinner it was pretty good and also later on we went to the Hookah Cafe (Hookah is a Arabic smoking thing. they have tobacco, but it also has syrup on the bottem, it also is shaped like a vase) If you ever seen Alice in Wonderland (the catepillar was smoking a hookah.) Alos I tried some of it (I coughed like hell) also I had some MGD lite, but I didn't finish it tasted so disgusting.  Thursday we pretty much ate turkey and just hung out in the house playing NBA: ESPN on PS2. Today Didn't do anything either just chilled and played some cards. I can't believe it's almost over. But b4 I go I have to get some Bubble Tea I need it so much haven't had it in ages. also I slept like around 3:00am every night Central Time so it's 4:00am Eastern. The time zone is awesome but confusing. anyways Happy B-lated Turkey Day. I love you Babygirl Sandy. *muah* I miss you and I think about you all the time. It's so hard not being able to spend the holidays with you

I'm siginin off now  

Posted at 06:45 pm by Flykrn2k7
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Tuesday, November 25, 2003
Girls are Rhetorical questions


There are many rhetorical questions in this world, like why is the sky blue, the grass green, if a tree fell in the forest and no one was around to hear it, would it make a sound, and Women.Women the question which could never be deciphered, and was tried is still a mystery. Ex: When she asks if something she is wearing makes her look fat, don't say anything and find and excuse to not say anything, b/c if you say she looks good she will think that you're just saying that and if you say it looks bad well you're in the dog house. My girl stayed up all night last night (after 3:30am) doing nothing except for goin an all 5 of the floors of the Dorm at her college and switching all the numbers around. Humor? Crazy? I have no idea. Sleep is always a good answer when you are bored. that's what most ppl do. no matter what I love my g/f to death even though I could never fully understand her. Of course that a normal thing for any guy in a relationship. anyways I got class now. Muahz I love you Babygirl.

Posted at 08:18 am by Flykrn2k7
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Tuesday, November 18, 2003
Critical Update on Life

Ayo, I'm back again

well not a lot of change happend so far.  I went to a few parties, played bowling, and been studying my ass off for the Finals coming up in December. I'm switching my major from Computer Science to Biology. I'm planning on either to go into Pharmecy or Optometry. I'm still trying to finish everything up to be registered for next semester. Also I'm one of the *ahem* "unfortunate" ppl who are stranded at Andrews University for Thanksgiving. :-( . Grr i am so pissed. But on the other hand I have to help cook and I think I'm getting paid for it so it's all good. Because I'm so low on greens it sux. So I must work. My mom got a nice ass car 2004 Nissan Altima and my car well let's just say that it's long gone :-( .  Damn I hate being a pedestrian again. but i should be used to it  by now. My social life is pretty much low since i have no ride and my friends and I have like mad stuff to study for. So I know I won't be at no party for a while. Thanksgiving weekend shit imma see if I can go clubbin or something fun like that. But after Thanksgiving break Imma be in my room studying like hell for all my finals coming up after that.    

Posted at 12:19 am by Flykrn2k7
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Sunday, November 09, 2003
The Truth has been revealed


Today was kinda like hell but then again it wasn't hot at all.

I woke up late so I missed a meeting that I should have gone to, then I was in the computer lab for 1 hour and 30 mins. trying to figure out how computer programming works. I have a test at 9:30am on Monday Noverember 10 and I still don't know jack squat for the Computer Programming test and I've been tryin to study but it does no use just looking it over if I can't understand it. I am in dire need of a miracle to happen. I now know that I'm so fucking computer illiterate. I mean come on I should know how to program a computer by now but I am still lost and stuff like that, also I have an oral presentation from my Theology class and I'm not prepared for that either also a History quiz. So I need people to pray for me no matter what so that I can understand and accomplish everything and pass all those classes. Keep me in your prayers. Also today the truth was revealed to me that I don't belong to any group catagory except a antisocial, loner and I am NOT one of those. I wish people would just understand that i mean I try to make friends but they don't want to and also they should know that I'm a very shy person. Grr I hate it so much. I only had 2 visitors who came to my room for the Guys' open house and eveyone else had like 30 or more. so this tells me that non girls like me at all or they like others over me. Lousy favoritism. Oh well from now on I made a pact that I will spend more time on my studies. But I am scared that I might break the pact b4  it starts. I wish I had friends who cared. I really dunno what to think anymore i'm tired of thinking but thinking just like life is something that can't be stopped and it gives you major migranes. Anyways I'm in deep thought but I really need to get back to my studies and i need to understand this just like life.    

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Well Saturday was pretty good. I went to church, ate potluck went back to the dorm stayed there for a bit then went to Wings e.t.c. (Good eatinfor chicken.) there was like 5 of us so we ordered 100 wings (Tweener, BBQ, Teriyaki, and hot wings) {there was 100 individual wing pieces total.}we all ater about 20 (well Edgar and Arthur ate like 26) so they ate the most. then we went to the Michelle Tumes concert which was pretty good. I thought it was rude that people just started walking out during the concert. It was improper but I could understand why b/c she was kinda puttin me to sleep. After that I went back to the dorm and then I went to Justin's house and I played RISK until like 1:15am and then I had to come back (lousy curfew).

Tomorrow (technically today) later on is the Guys' Open house. it will be interesting. I must go to bed now b/c I'm drained and i need to clean my room and study for a test and a oral presentation. so I need all the sleep that I need.    

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Wednesday, November 05, 2003

Ayo, sup

well last Saturday night I went bowling w/ the c-krew I did aight my highest that night was 158. Not Bad for a person who hasn't bowled in a long time. But I fucked my whole right side of my body because I slipped on the wax by mistake. So my right leg hurt like shit the next day. For the last few days I walked with a slight limp and my right arm was in pain if i lifted it or moved it. Then I caught a damn cold and I'm slowly starting to recover from that. Also my grades aren't wher I want them to be so I'm really feeling like shit and pissed off. This coming Saturday a Contemporary Christian Artist is holding a concert here on this campus. So I can't wait till then b/c she is pretty good singer. The weather in Michigan is really fucked up it was hot on Monday and it got colder yesterday and today it was freezing. I also have another fucking midterm on Monday in my worst class Computer Programming. I am not the type of person who likes to sit at a computer and look at "nifty" shit I ain't like that. I need some action and computers area source of cheap communication or a multimedia center as well as a library and research center.  Anyways that's all the "bitchin" for now. Lol

Posted at 10:38 pm by Flykrn2k7
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